Frequently Asked Questions: Training Programs

FAQs: Residency & Fellowship Programs

Credentialing organizations, please see FAQs here
When a credentialing organization submits a training verification request via our website, you will receive an email notification with the relevant information. Detailed instructions are below:
  1. 1. Log into the program dashboard
  2. 2. View the release form using the icon. Verify that the physician's name (including any previously used name) matches what is displayed on the dashboard, validate the photo and signature (if provided)
  3. 3. Review special instructions provided by the requestor (if any) by hovering over the icon
  4. 4. Check residency records against the physician's name and training dates provided, to confirm training. If the physician's name has changed since training (e.g. due to marriage), the requestor should have provided any previous names. See if you are unable to find a record on this physician.
  5. 5. If the hospital has provided a custom form, download it using the icon. You may also download a blank VGMET form if you do already have one on file.
  6. 6. Upload the completed verification form (VGMET or custom form, which ever was requested) using the icon
  7. 7. If the requestor has asked for a fax or mailed copy of the form, please send to them using the information shown on hovering over the and icons

In an effort to improve and streamline the credentialing process, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), American Hospital Association (AHA), National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), and Organization of Program Directors Associations (OPDA) collaborated in 2016 to create a standardized “Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training” (VGMET) form. This form aims to standardize the training verification process and alleviate these burdens placed on hospitals, medical services professionals and program directors.

Recommended practice is to complete one VGMET form for each of your residents shortly after they leave the program. For every subsequent request for training verification, a copy of this form can be provided as-is, without obtaining new signatures. If you receive a training verification request for a past graduate who does not have a VGMET form on file, please complete a new VGMET form at that time and save it in the trainee's file. A copy of this newly-created VGMET form may now be sent with any subsequent request. Ultimately, the one-time completion of VGMET should address all subsequent training verification requests for the trainee, saving you the time and hassle of checking old files or obtaining updated signatures.

Sometimes, a training verification request may be sent to the wrong program. If you cannot locate a training record for the physician based on the information provided (name and dates of training), please decline to verify the training by clicking the icon on your dashboard. This will notify the requestor to re-submit the request to the correct program. The requestor may reach out to you to follow-up; if this was an error on their part please ask them to re-submit a new verification request. Please note that refunds are not available in this situation. If the mistake was on your part, please contact and we will re-open the request so that the requestor will not be charged again.

If a physician's name has changed (for example, due to marriage) since the time they trained, the requestor should provide the previous name in the "other names used" field when submitting a request, and this information should help you locate the correct training record. In such cases, it is recommended that the release form provided by the physician includes the name used while in training.

Please set a reasonable charge based on the work required to verify training at your program. We recommend that you incentivize use of VGMET by keeping it's cost low relative to custom verification forms. Note that the cost of a credentialing request will be the cost of the form plus the cost of the service (e.g. VGMET cost = $10, standard service = $20, requestor will pay $30). A service fee of $9.45 will be deducted from each transaction and reflected in the final payout made to you.

The average charges used by other programs on our website are: VGMET $, custom form $, standard service $, expedited service $.

In such situations, we recommend that you reach out to the requestor to explain the situation. Their contact information is present on the program dashboard. Please also contact with the request information, and we will refund the expedited fee to the requestor (for example, if standard service is $20 and expedited service is $100, we will refund $80 to the requestor).

Each program may have only one primary user. This user may view and change the program settings such as the fees charged for verifications, program address, other users' access, etc. All other users may only access the verification dashboard where they can view or complete pending verification requests. The primary user will also be listed as the primary contact person for the program, if the verification requestor has questions.

We recommend that the program director or manager be set as the primary user, and the people who are routinely completing verifications (coordinators, GME office, administrative assistants, etc.) be set as other users. When a verification request is received, it will be sent to all non-primary users of the program. Only one needs to complete the request.

Your account balance and transaction details are available on the program settings page. Once the balance exceeds the payment threshold ($200), the may request a payout by clicking the icon. This will be sent in the form of a physical check. Electronic payments are not available at the present time.

Please contact us at with any questions, we will be happy to help!