Why Use Verification.MedEd.App?

Residency & Fellowship Programs: Why Use This App?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a critical part of the process for your graduates to obtain future positions. PSV verifies that your graduate successfully completed the required residency or fellowship training. The Joint Commission, CMS and other agencies require that this verification comes directly from your program.

Traditionally, the credentialing organization reaches out to you via phone, fax or email. They provide a verification form that may require a significant amount of time to complete as you review archived resident files or discuss with the program director and obtain their signature. Many residencies now charge a small fee to complete the verification, and this may involve additional paperwork to receive and deposit a check. Finally, the completed verification form is sent back to the requestor via email or fax, which are both insecure and unreliable means of communication. The entire process is therefore slow and prone to failure, often resulting in frustration all around.

Our app solves all these problems by providing an efficient, reliable and secure service to complete this important requirement:

  • Reduced Workload: Our app promotes use of the VGMET Form, which you complete once for each graduate and provide for every future verification request. All payments are processed via credit card and you may request a payout via a single, large check when convenient.
  • Income Generation: There is no cost to you. You set the amount to charge for training verification, and you can specify additional fees for expedited requests and for organizations that will not accept the VGMET form.
  • One-Stop Program Dashboard: All incoming verification requests, and the status of each (received, pending, completed) can be viewed on your program dashboard. No more hunting through email to locate contact information!
  • Primary Source Verification: The information regarding your graduate's performance comes directly from you, not this app or a third party. This ensures accuracy.
  • Secure, Electronic Document Delivery: All documents are received via the program dashboard, which is where you upload the completed verification form. No more faxing!

Please see our frequently asked questions page for more information, or feel free to contact us at verification@meded.app!

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